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With nearly $1 billion written across Nationwide’s product offerings, we’re proud to be a Construction powerhouse.
We are a primary and excess casualty focused construction carrier targeting risks with operations involving the construction of single owner structures and have four main product types to offer:
  • Practice policies
  • Owners Interest
  • Project Specific - Owner/GC or GC only
  • Wrap-Up (OCIP and CCIP)
Our dedicated team of underwriting professionals focuses solely on construction risks and has geographic expertise. We offer a risk management and loss control partnership both in-house and through strategic relationships with top safety consultants. And, a dedicated in-house claims team offers construction expertise and a renowned customer service experience.


Primary Casualty (CGL)

General liability with limits of liability ranging from 1/2/2,
2/2/2, or 2/4/4 various limit options.

Targeted Minimum Premiums:
  • Practice Policies: $25,000
  • Owner Interest: $20,000
  • Project Specific: $50,000
Targeted Minimum Deductible/ SIR:
  • Practice Policies: $5,000
  • Owner Interest: $5,000
  • Project Specific: $5,000

Excess Casualty

Excess coverage is available up to $5M - $10M in lead position with the ability to ventilate. Additional capacity is available up to $25M depending on attachment point.

Targeted Minimum Premiums subject to product offered other than New York:
  • Lead Excess or Buffer Layers: $10,000 - $100,000
  • Mid Excess: $10,000 - $100,000
  • High Excess: $50,000 - $100,000

Preferred Construction classes of business

  • Commercial artisan contractors
  • Commercial general contractors
  • Infrastructure
  • Machinery and equipment (installation, service, repair)
  • Owner's interest
  • Project-specific
  • Wrap-ups
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More about our expertise
Learn more about our Construction vertical, including our capabilities and appetite.
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  • Premier General Contractor Program
  • Contractors Enhancement Endorsement
  • Project-Specific Extension Endorsement (includes Extended Products — Completed Ops and amendment to J,K,L)
  • Contractors Pollution Liability is available
  • ISO forms with flexible edition dates
  • Blanket or designated additional insured
  • Primary/Noncontributory
  • Stopgap coverage

For your brokerage construction submissions, please provide a complete submission, including the following information:

  • A complete and signed ACORD application, including the General Information section
  • Any appropriate class/LOB supplemental applications (as applicable)
  • Detailed description of named insureds and their operations
  • Five-year currently valued loss history aggregated by year and applicable coverage line
  • A description of large losses ($100,000 or greater)
  • Web address, if applicable
  • ISO class codes with corresponding exposure base
  • If scheduling auto, for auto, provide the number of vehicles by class, radius, and use, and indicate whether coverage is on comprehensive form or specified vehicles
  • Complete schedule of underlying carrier(s), limits, premium(s), and terms and conditions — including information on the general aggregate (if per location, project, or policy), occurrence or claims-made, defense is inside or outside the policy limits