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The world of property & casualty insurance is complex and ever-changing.
At Nationwide, we help you keep on top of the latest developments.

Trends to watch for artisan contractors

Artisan contractors, such as electricians and carpenters, are essential to a variety of residential and commercial construction projects. Between increased project demand, employee and material shortages and new advancements in technology, there are a range of trends currently impacting artisan contractors.


Protecting contractors through risk transfer

Contractors rely on the help of subcontractors and other third parties to complete construction projects, both large and small. Balancing these relationships is critical, especially when you consider that business arrangements with subcontractors and other third parties can introduce risk.

Key risks and insurance considerations for businesses in the hemp and CBD industry

Whether businesses manufacture, distribute or sell CBD or other hemp products, it's important for them to understand their unique risks and take steps to protect against those exposures by securing sufficient insurance coverage.

Building greater revenue through construction

Construction is defying the odds. Despite supply chain issues and labor shortages, this industry has continued its growth streak, and there's no sign of it slowing down anytime soon. Savvy insurers are making plans to capitalize on the opportunities that abound.

General contractors: industry overview and trends to watch

General contractors don't fall neatly into one type of construction. This is because the definition of a general contractor is relatively broad, covering a wide variety of entities and individuals who focus on projects both large and small.

Trends to watch for product manufacturers

In recent years, product manufacturers have encountered a wide range of industry developments. Between labor shortages, supply chain challenges, costly lawsuits, inflation issues and technological advancements, there are several trends currently affecting the product manufacturing sector.